Xanadu Horatio Balthazaar Manticore – an introduction in X# Major

I suppose you want to know who I am don’t you? Right off the bat and all that. I’m not too sure myself actually, but let’s find out together if you’ll join me.

This is the internet. It’s like a post office but bigger. Apparently it’s a good place to do business, and so this is mine. My name is Xanadu Manticore, but everyone calls me Xan. I am an artist, writer, and more importantly a musician. I shall detail these three occupations of mine below, along with what you, the ‘internet user’ can do to get in on it.

Ever wonder what your friends, relatives, mortal enemies, celebrities, or characters (original or otherwise) might look like in a parallel universe where everything looks like a deformed caricature or ludicrous parody of themselves? No? Ok, well you should commission me to draw something anyway. Check out the art section of this blog for more.

Having a head filled with strange ideas and thoughts can be useful when one has access to writing equipment, although I suppose one could write with most anything if one put one’s mind to it – use a stick on some mud, your finger on a cake, a lark on a suspended refraction gate, etc, just use your imagination! Anyway, I prefer to dictate to my PA from the warm safety of my straitjacket. If you send me a message I can put an idea of yours into colourful words, write poetry for a loved one or nemesis, or include any suggestions in my next story. Good eh? Refer to the writing section of this blog for more.

Where do I begin? This is the subject of my most fiery passion, music runs through my veins like pulsating popping candy in a tube of strawberry sauce, it drives me, it moves me, it gives me lifts here and there if I ask nicely and pay something towards petrol money. If music were a lady I would ask her why she puts so much crap on the radio when she has so much potential, and then proceed to ravish her until her quavers quivered, her crotchets knocked, and her minims and semibreves dilated. If music were a three course meal I’d bin the first two and skip straight to dessert. Anyway, you get my point. If you want to support my music, go to the music section of my blog and give my stuff a listen. It’s mostly Christian folk (no it’s not).

So that’s who I am and what I do, I’m counting on your support. Love you all, just not the ones that come up to me and touch my ears, that’s getting kind of strange now and I’d appreciate it if you stopped.


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